Employer / Talent branding is the talk of the town today in HR fraternity. Lot of times, topics like these becomes buzzword and are only limited to executives and thought leaders. Coming from talent acquisition space, I feel this topic should be closer to every-day recruiting professionals who face real challenges in the talent war front. It is extremely critical for every recruiter to understand what does “Employer Branding” means to them and how they can leverage best to their advantage. At the end of the day, recruiters are the one who makes a difference in the talent strategy; hence their role is pivotal.

Here are few reasons which I think makes talent branding a very relevant topic for every recruiter beyond just a jargon.

Make your recruiting pitch stronger

In the employee market today, candidates are spoilt for the choices. They normally have 3-4 offers in their hands before they make a decision. Hence, what’s the differentiator of your offer? Talent branding gives an opportunity for recruiters to make their pitch stronger. Who we are? What opportunities we can offer for growth? What our people are saying? What learning opportunities we have? Why should you think of joining us for long term prospects? What’s in it for you? These are some of the questions recruiters can easily tackle if they are well aware with talent branding of their company.

Impact for recruiters: Be a marketer and provide reasons for candidates to join your company. It impacts candidate’s decision to accept the offer.

Know your own company inside out

Lot of times recruiters are so busy in interacting externally with candidates, they miss a trick to start it internally first. It’s highly important for recruiters to know your company, vision / mission, growth strategy, position in the market, various business units / practices, future plans etc to set up the “context” to hiring. They also need to know micro-level information about role, future growth prospects, team size, importance in the overall scenario, expectations from candidates etc. Much of this information makes them champion while dealing with hiring mangers as well as candidates.

Impact for recruiters: Right information, right people – enable making right decisions!

Opportunity to direct conversations beyond salary

While compensation becomes a dominant factor for candidates, having right pitching points and information helps recruiters to guide conversations to more relevant pointers like “Why xx company?”, “Reasons you should join xx” etc. It’s important for recruiters to make candidates aware about how this opportunity can help them to build their careers, future opportunities and gain visibility. This is the perfect chance for recruiters to think like a Career coach and let candidates see beyond monetary factors.

Impact for recruiters: Better chance to have candidates join who are not just shopping in the market.

 Present Job Postings in more attracting & relevant manner

Job postings are often unattractive, full of what companies want and give very little insights for top talent to attract / engage them. Good recruiters can use some really good insights provided by employer branding and use the information to make job postings more relevant and interesting. Often good candidates read job descriptions to know what’s in it for them. This is a real opportunity for recruiters to turn job descriptions into branding piece.

Impact for recruiters: Improve job descriptions and attract / engage quality talent.

Build & Develop Meaningful Relationships

Even in changing times recruiting is very much about building & developing relationships with your talent community and hiring managers. A diligent recruiter can use employer branding as a tactical tool to maintain and further develop strong connect with their prospective candidates. Every person can be a future candidate and it’s critical that recruiters build a rapport with them to grab the opportunity when time is right. Today, social media provides a great platform to have real-time conversations beyond just jobs and keep a healthy relationship with candidates.

It’s also key to channel two way conversations with candidates and complete the feedback loop. Your brand is as good as your reputation, build that for your candidates by making sure you close the feedback loop.

Impact for recruiters: Keep passive candidates connected with you, and when time is right – you can activate the contact! Increase your talent pool.

Become a talent brand ambassadors

Recruiters are the first connect externally to candidates when applying for jobs. If candidates are not representing right brand and value proposition – they will not be able to source and hire quality talent. First impression is last impression! It’s an opportunity for recruiters to be brand ambassadors of the company and spread a positive word in the market. Passionate recruiters make a real difference to the company and candidates. Are you one of them?

Impact for recruiters: Build your personal / professional brand and Influence Company and candidates positively.

Transform from a Recruiter to Talent Acquisition Consultant

The term Talent Acquisition is all about strategically attracting and acquiring talent, building a future talent pools beyond just filling up the FTEs like recruiting. Talent branding provides a perfect set-up for recruiters to enable the transformation and use tools like social media, employee advocacy etc to enable this change. Recruiters who can make long term impact to the company and candidates will survive and grow in the business – that’s a real talent acquisition. If you are here just to fill jobs; you will soon be redundant.

Impact for recruiters: Build your own career in the long run and become a real “talent advisor” to your clients.

In today’s hyper-connected world, brand is what people talk about companies and same is the case with candidates. 56% of professionals ranks talent brand as the important factor while picking up the job.

As recruiters, if you are not making a positive impression and impact those conversations – you add no value to the organization. Good recruiters are talent magnets and talent attracts talent! While recruiters are extremely busy in the recruiting transactions, making time for above activities differentiate good ones from ordinary. Go there, leverage brand best to your advantage!