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Passive Candidates Search Engines

When you need candidates, we go onto career portals to mine the resumes. However you don’t realize that you are just tapping 5% – 10% total potential candidates. It’s an reactive approach you are taking which does work most of the times (quality is debatable).

Well, consider your job boards as a river OR pond which has a fish you want in plenty. Every recruiter is fishing there so it’s matter of luck, speed and search. But are you missing on something big? Yes – you are missing a SEA. Candidates are out there in plenty; not everyone is putting is CV on the job boards. Most of the people are happy, content with their jobs for various reasons, sometimes they don’t realize that better opportunities are there.  That pool is called PASSIVE CANDIDATES. Ask yourselves – are you tapping them to stay ahead of competition?

Google has launched a search engine to source those passive candidates. Most of them are from social networking (LI) and few other sources. Basically, these passive guys are there for various reasons – but putting a right opportunity will turn them into potential hire. Here are couple of resources you can tap: –



There is obviously better way to do this; however if you want ready-to-eat food… go and explore.

Happy Sourcing

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