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SourceCon – Journey…. Past, Present and Future.

When I think back to recollect the reasons I fell in love with Sourcing – SourceCon will strike #1 reason for this. SourceCon challenges taught me to think scientifically; however always keeping my creativity open while searching.

The current SourceCon has just finished. I followed it throughout every night (India Time) till I could sustain without sleeping. I started following SourceCon right from its inception. I remember my CEO forwarded me the link of SourceCon. Our group solved the challenge by working 20 hours continuously that day and we did get our names in first 5. I still have saved the mail where SourceCon confirmed that I am on right track. That gave me loads of confidence in what we do.

You might be wondering why am I getting nostalgic? I think with SourceCon – Sourcing community has been maturing along with the very concept of internet sourcing. SourceCon circle has done a great job in creating an awareness about power of internet sourcing for recruitment. SourceCon as a conference have made sure that we showcase our capabilities time and again, and keep our research minds always busy to hunt something new.

However, where do we go from here? I strongly feel that the sourcing community worldwide should get under common umbrella. Till now, this community has mainly been from states/EU – logically so as most of these techniques are being used in these countries. Slowly but surely though, this concept is gaining momentum in other parts of world as well like Asia. Hence, there is a strong need that platforms like SourceCon, TrueEvents and entire sourcing community should spread their wings worldwide – and not restrict themselves only in one part of the world.

Saying this – there is lot which needs to be done. The science and arts of sourcing which is quite established in Stats/EU – may not work in the same fashion for countries like India. The recruitment culture, environment and philosophy is quite different from US. In US – there is a greater web presence for everyone; PUSH factor is most important where  you search people with various tools and techniques. It’s exactly opposite for India. There is much bigger Audience but they are not present on the web in that format or quantity. However, they use web very effectively as people have started realizing the power of internet. Most of the techie guys (IT industry – biggest in India) use web to hang around even if they do not have their profiles and strong footprints. This is where PULL factor comes into picture where things like advertising, blogging etc is more effective. This makes sure you reach to right audience and you pull them to you.

My point is – SourceCon has proved that sourcing is a science; however it’s a relative science. By expanding this community, it will be great if the experts in this group spread awareness of power of sourcing in the “local language”. This way, Sourcing concept will truly become worldwide phenomena – and imagine, what powerful society this can become.

What SourceCon/Sourcing Community has Achieved?

  • Establishing Sourcing as one of the most powerful concepts in the recruitment supply chain.
  • Innovated various tools, technologies and processes to unearth hidden information.
  • Formed a group of professionals who are either experts OR passionate about sourcing concept. This helped to expand this group and it’s reach.
  • Educate worldwide audience about power of sourcing and created multiple sourcing DNAs.
  • Made existing recruitment organizations (internal and external) to re-think on their recruitment strategy and cement it further to leverage the power of internet.
  • And Many more….

Road Further – SourceCon – What are the expectations?

  • Gain wider participation from different geographies and cultures in order to make Sourcing a real STANDARD in global recruitment.
  • Innovate, invent and educate new sourcing concepts in relation to varied geographies. This will help to create a global sourcing library which will have best from all worlds.
  • Host the conferences in different locations to network and understand those recruitment/sourcing cultures.
  • In all, help to create “Sourcing” as an important, well-respected and strategic function worldwide. This is where “Sourcers” will not be referred as low-end job anymore.

The entire Sourcing Community and platforms like SourceCon has done a tremendous job till today. Sourcing is more than a job for me – it’s a passion that I live in. In India – I still sees a big gap in understanding and implementing this function. Sourcing still referred to be more of a job board searching job without knowing the power it possess. My group has been working in my company to change this mindset; however for this – Sourcing needs to be customize to Indian flavour. To be frank – I have not thought about the commercial view-point of how this can be done. Whether it will be viable for SourceCon OR Sourcing Community in US to run the initiatives I have suggested.

I truly believe in power of sourcing and would love to see it as a global concept. I’m sure one day – my dream will come true.

Thanks Everyone.

True Sourcer,

Sarang Brahme

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  1. Abhishek Porwal
    March 20, 2010 at 8:29 pm

    Dear Sarang,
    Very well said, In India, sourcing is just all about job boards searching or judging resumes doing (Ctrl+F) and certainly this kind of approach is not going to work specially when we indians are already famous for our creativity and diligence and that’s just not being expected out of us, I also want to see Sourcecon like communiy in india too where sourcers can think innovatively and could apply this science of sourcing at various levels……..

  2. March 21, 2010 at 7:50 pm

    Hi Sarang,
    It’s really good to go through the points that u mentioned about SourceCon, and its role in Sourcing culture.But don’t you think that we need to create an event like this in India with the local (amazing)talent of sourcers in India? International exposure is required, but i guess, we then might need to depend too much on them to come here or organize in asia. Conducting events in India would help to change the mindset, and also might expand the sourcing community, beyond Just US / Europe.

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