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FindPeopleonPlus.com – Some facts about Google +

5 out of 10 tweets on my twitter stream are currently talking about Google Plus. It has easily become a trend on social networking sites. I believe it is the first time when any Social Network has got so much fame on other social networks….


I recently came across this search engine which searches people on Google Plus (Thanks to Katherine). While searching people on G+ got my attention, statistics it has shown got me really interested. These statistics are directly related fields people have populated on G+. I am sure not 100% people have filled in their G+ profile; but this does show us a good trend of people on Google +.

  • Around one half of people on G+ are not married.
  • 1/3rd of people over here are Male. It also claims that 9k falls under “other” gender.
  • Most of them are from IT backgrounds (Job Titles). Again 1/3rd.
  • 7 out of 8 are not there on twitter. Very surprising???
  • 8 out of 9 do not have Facebook profile. Shocked??
  • India is second biggest country on G+ after USA.
  • CA and NYC are biggest counties and cities. Predictable J

Some are funny, some are informative and some are misleading!!!

Don’t think that Google Plus has revealed new profiles that are not active on FB and Twitter; it’s just that Google+ profiles are not 100% populate. You will see a changing trend on the same page in coming days with thousands of new profiles added to G+ and populating their profiles better.

Just an observation you see 🙂

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