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My Social Recruiting Predictions for 2014 – India

January 6, 2014 1 comment

For past few days, I have seen a heavy influx on blogs / articles about 2014 predictions. It has encouraged me enough to blog on my favorite topic – Social hiring, even if I may be bit late to catch this trend. It would be interesting to look at them again in December to do a “reality-check” on these. Who knows, I may have good chances of becoming Fortune Teller in HR :). (Kidding)

In my opinion, Social Hiring is no more a fad or just talk of the town! We’ve crossed that bridge. Though I think India TA industry is far away from building a matured framework around it, we are heading in the right direction. Here are my thoughts about transformation that social recruiting will bring to talent acquisition in the New Year.

LinkedIn to remain dominant

Despite having lower user-base than Facebook, LinkedIn will continue to enjoy top choice for recruiters to source and attract talent. Many of large corporations have been investing in LinkedIn for gaining competitive advantage and this trend will continue. LinkedIn will enjoy this position due to their talent solutions and with no other professional network near to compete with. However, LinkedIn would to understand that slowly and surely the competitive advantage for organizations will diminish if every company has the same access.

Facebook has a long way to go to go anywhere near LinkedIn due to lack of professional features, user perception and no focused efforts towards designing any solutions. It will largely be looked at as an engagement / branding channel than sourcing. I’ll be happy to be proved wrong thoughJ.

Social Referrals to gain momentum

Social provides a great opportunity for companies to engage the social graph of their associates and expand the reach beyond traditional channels. HR / Recruiting teams will educate their associates to enhance their professional profiles on social channels to enable more referral traffic. The internal associates will be encouraged to share jobs on their social network to expand the reach.

New Breed of Talent Emerging – Social Talent Advisor

In the present situation, while most of the companies are looking at social as just another channel to source and engage candidates, it will need focused efforts toward transforming it as a strategy. TA organizations will need to buy or build internal competency to place Social Recruiting experts on their teams. The primary role of this person will be to install social recruiting framework, train recruiters and work with marketing teams. This means new career opportunity for recruiters J. Now, isn’t that a good news!

Rise to New Start-Ups / Services

Social Recruiting will provide new avenues for technology companies to venture into new start-ups to help TA organizations achieve their objective. Year 2013 has already seen some start-ups taking stage in this space like MyParichay, Huntshire, WhistleTalk, RippleHire etc. It will be a welcome sign for the industry to boost innovation.

The digital agencies will also see an encouraging interest from HR folks for using social media on talent acquisition / employer branding which will require digital agencies to develop new plethora of services to new audience.

Forcing Job Portals to attempt Social

The Impact of social media in hiring has been felt even by the job portals. The growth of job portals has been stagnant at its best and it has been an uphill struggle for even the top-tier job portals to retain their market share. Increasingly job portals will talk “Social” and install this component as part of their strategy. Early signs are evident of this trend with examples like NaukriRecruiter, investing into MyParichay, TimesJobs adding social plugin and even with failed attempts like BeKnown from There will be more such integrations in 2014 with an attempt from job portals to retain their customers.

Employer Branding on top of TA Strategy

With emergence of Social Media in recruiting, we have been hearing about “Employer Branding” in the same breath. In fact, with power of talent on social – we are not just talking about Employer Brand but more of a Talent Brand. Social has transformed employer brand from posters / advertisements to what people really talk about your company. While some companies will seize the opportunity on employer branding through social, most of them will be pushed to make this move. “Talent Branding” will finally be on top of most talent agendas. Look out for developments with,

Social Media moving beyond Sourcing to every part of Talent Acquisition

Social Recruiting in current shape is mostly associated with talent sourcing and engagement. However, as the usage of social media grows we will see social integration within other parts of talent acquisition apart from sourcing like – market intelligence, candidate experience, background verification, engagement in offer stages, helpdesk etc.

Social Media becomes a “Must Have” strategy

Social will move up in the order of strategy of TA Leaders from “nice-to-have” to “must-to-have”. Early movers have an advantage in the market and others will play a catch-up game. However, let’s not take social as “innovation” anymore. Doing social is no more innovative but staying competitive! Though IT/ITES will lead this trend, other industries like FMCG / Retail, BFSI will follow the suit. It will be a year where Social Recruiting will move from “should we do this” to “let’s do this”.

The year 2014 is set to be an interesting year for recruiting industry in India considering impact of social, big data and mobile technologies. While the industry definitely will be under cost-pressure and ROI will be looked at very closely, it’s the perfect setting for TA leaders to break out from comfort zones and look at unchartered territories with amount of risk involved. Now, isn’t that what leadership means :).

Here’s wishing everyone great time hunting, farming, assessing and developing talent!

What do you think? Glad to hear your views…


Introducing Graph Search – Facebook Opens the gates for Candidate Sourcing

June 23, 2013 3 comments

Let me start this blog with a caution:

“You are about to enter new, exciting yet dangerous waters of Facebook Graph Search. Use your own diligence, common sense and required control while using this tool. Welcome aboard!”

Lot of us may consider Facebook as a personal space which should not be invaded with sourcing. In fact, till recently – it was extremely difficult to perform people searches on Facebook due to its structure unlike LinkedIn. In my opinion, Social is an open platform and it is up-to our skillful thinking on how we should use this platform for various reasons – including recruiting! So when Facebook announced “Graph Search” feature few months back with an ability to search people with specific queries – a sourcer in me got excited. When Mark Zuckerburg introduced Graph search he did mention that “One of my favorite queries is recruiting”. Well, to me this clearly shows Facebook is aware of the potential of this product for recruiting.

What is Facebook Graph Search?

In simple words, Facebook Graph search is your search engine to Facebook. Until today there was no exact way to unearth a great deal of human capital information on Facebook which has over 800 million people with over 50% logs in everyday. Please note that large part of Facebook can not be indexed by Google too. It is primarily designed to search people and friends with common interest, photos, likes / dislikes etc.

How can we use Graph Search for recruiting?

I am sure your first reaction would be that Facebook is not for professional networking and not sure how much useful information you can find for search like company, designation, skill etc (with an obvious hangover from LinkedIn). In recent times, you may have seen lot of people updating their profile info which includes above information and it is clear that Facebook wants them to have a complete profile. I agree that not everyone will have their professional information on Facebook and certainly not writing resumes on their profile.

That’s the catch! Please do not compare apples to oranges. Facebook is not LinkedIn and it can not be used in a same way. I am not making tall claims that this is going to be a game-changer in Social Recruiting and will fiercely compete with LinkedIn. Just think this as a one more tool in your sourcing arsenal and find its rightful place in your sourcing jigsaw. You need to think what information a person may have in his/her profile and what can be used for finding leads. Oh! And have I told you that you can search entire Facebook with this tool for FREE unlike LinkedIn. Have I got your attention now? 🙂

How do I access Graph Search?

Graph Search is in beta as of now and has not been rolled out to 100% of users. They have rolled it to US and most parts of Europe. India is still yet to receive this tool officially to their users. With the launch, Facebook also launched “Waiting list” for people to subscribe. Click here to know more.

Cheat code: You can try changing your language in settings to English (US) to get preferential treatment.

Let’s get started

Before we start searching on Facebook, let’s try and find out some triggers which we can use. We should be able to use fields like company name, designation, education, year of passing, likes / dislikes, groups etc for finding people. Facebook let you use loads of other fields for searching; however not all of them may be useful for sourcing.

Queries in Graph Search – Easy and Simple

Facebook has kept its search queries extremely easy and simple to use for mango man and you do not need to be a Boolean sourcing expert. Queries are designed to be real-life statements which we use in our daily routine. This makes graph search a super-easy tool for any recruiter.

E.g. People who like Informatica and live in India. TISS students graduated in 2011.

Let’s start with some examples…

Company Search with Location

I want to find everyone working at Wipro in Pune.

wipro pune

You can see over 1000 results showing over with preference to people within my network (first / second level) and then expanding to others. How about searching everyone on Facebook from your competitors?

Company and Designation Search

I want to find all java developers from Wipro.


You can see exact 100% matches with all people who have mentioned their designation as “Java Developer” in wipro. However, designation search is not 100% flexible and best way to search. Facebook only takes some pre-determined and popular titles for searches which needs to be 100% match to the profile. It do not take varients OR keywords as searches. Again, please do not compare with job portals / LinkedIn.  Remember, this information was not searchable before and many of these guys may not be available on portals / LinkedIn. #ThinkWide

Eg. You can not put just Java as title. It has to be Java Developer OR Java Programmer.

Searching for Skills

You can not directly search for Skills in Facebook as you do not have a complete profile. Facebook has a “Likes” section which can reveal some descent information about your profile. Let’s search for people working with IBM who likes business intelligence.


If you closely look at results, most of these people have not mentioned about their specific designation in Facebook. However, fact that they like “Business Intelligence” gives us some “intelligence” about their skills.

Searching people within Groups

Graph search provides a functionality to search for people within mentioned groups; even if you are not part of those groups. (Wink! Wink!!)

Searching for people who are part of “Mainframe” group and work with TCS


Over 1000 results! Most of these techies will be mainframe developers. You can always cross-verify their information on Google and other networking portals.

Searching people attended specific college

Lot of times you need to search people within specific top business schools OR technology schools who have passed out from specific batch. Graph search do it easily for you.


In fact, you can mention a range of pass-out years for more exact result. Cool, isn’t it?

Searching people with specific education criteria

Let’s say I need to find B.Sc recent graduates / freshers who have passed out after 2011.


Searching people who have checked-in at specific locations

Wow! With increasing usage of Foursquare and Facebook Check-Ins, this is a new data point to search. Here’s a people search that checked-in at Infosys and like Java. Probability is that most of them have either worked OR currently working in Infosys without mentioning it on their profile.


Search filter

You may have already noticed a Search Filter which is embedded with a list view of search results. This search filter lets you refine / add / edit your searches with multiple fields including basic information, work information, education, likes, interests, photos, living information and tons of other fields.


Unexplored Search Possibilities but Handle With Care

The search functionality is still new and in beta version. Facebook has stated that “Graph Search” is one of their key pillars in Facebook and they will improve this as ongoing basis. This is just a start! I have only listed some basic search queries and I strongly believe we can come up with many other unique queries which can help us to find unique results.

Considering Facebook has 4X data compared to LinkedIn, facility to search and message everyone for “Free” – it can open a great opportunity to source some decent leads for your sourcing. However, considering this is not a professional platform one needs to use this platform with care for contacting prospective candidates. You may want to cross-reference this data to other channels while contacting to negate any side-effects. Most of these candidates will not be an active job seeker so put your “Passive Searching” hat on while engaging these candidates.

Being a new search function, it will take some time to understand more pros and cons on Graph-Search for sourcing. I am sure we have lot of learning involved in this feature considering you may look as someone who is breaking into a “Personal” space of candidate. Saying that – I think as a recruiter you need to make appropriate usage of this platform as a “leads generator” and not as your CV searching engine!

I’ll be keen to hear your views and stories about Graph Search. Have a go and try it out.

Diversification Trend in Indian Job Portal Industry

February 16, 2013 3 comments

In the rising era of social media, Indian recruitment industry – especially, job portals segment is going through a bit of struggling though an interesting period. Though the Indian numbers of Social Media penetration are much lesser (5% India Vs 60% USA), it has certainly made top job portals to take a notice of this trend and respond to it rather re-actively.

The traditional job portal industry in India is heavily dominated by (InfoEdge Ltd.) and (Subsidiary of The other players like,, etc has been on the edge, struggling for their market share for a long time. Today corporate companies are looking at social media channels to lower their sourcing costs, increasing candidate engagement and enhancing employer brand. In fact, a professional networking site like LinkedIn has been keeping a strong pressure on job portals. The effect of this trend has been felt by job portals significantly in past couple of years. and has been under pressure to increase their profit shares and market value in the current scenario. Both of these houses contributes to an overall INR 600 Crores (120 Million USD) turnover in between them.

This market trend has definitely led a paradigm shift in a way job portals are looking at their internal business model and diversifying their service stream. The days are gone when job portals were happy to maintain their candidate database and earn yearly service contracts. Today they can not simply depend on their traditional model and there is a greater need to diversify their service streams. Market is already witnessing some of the new equations that are being tested by many of these players. Here’s a run-down of some of the most notable diversifications: – – Segmentation and Referrals Tool

Naukri is by far the biggest job portal in India with around INR 330 crores of yearly turnovers. Recently they have launched and as new services for the segmented and focused target audience. – as name suggest is targeted for graduates. In this case, Naukri is offering assessment tools, on-boarding platform and employer branding options for employers. Similarly, they are also providing options like events employer-connect / engagement tools, contests and consulting for students. On the other hand, they have also targeted high-end segment of executive / leadership level candidates through This portal is a focuses on senior level candidates who are typically above INR 15 lakh CTC.

Interestingly, Naukri has also launched the Internal Referral Tool that is integrated to their job portals. This tool lets recruiters to open their Naukri jobs internally to employees and receive candidates. This move certainly suggests that Naukri is looking at a different segment of business. This may be a good option for small to medium enterprises that do not have in-house system for referrals. Nevertheless, this certainly raises the risk of exposing internal associates to Naukri and other related data security concerns. – Integrating Social and Segmentation

Monster’s BeKnown, the social media networking tool is around for past one year or so, but have not earned much success globally. They are now trying to integrate BeKnown in their job search results page to gain momentum. I recently learned that Monster has added Social Connections to their job listing which lets candidate to view who all in their BeKnown network works in that company. This feature is yet to release in India, but it certainly shows the path going ahead.

In addition to above, MonsterIndia has recently launched Monster College in their service offerings. Monster College connects colleges to recruiters. It offers to strengthen a relationship between college T&P officers with company HRs. They also have assessment tools for filtering candidates presented to HR. / MyParichay Partnership – Social Referrals Meets Job Portal

MyParichay is a Summit HR start-up is a social media employee referral tool in Indian market. It has announced a partnership with to let recruiter shares their jobs on MyParichay through the network of company associates. This is an interesting development indeed as a “Job portal meets Social Media meets Employee Referrals” scenario. This partnership will definitely give a way to new equations in the industry if it creates a successful case-study.

Headhonchos – Senior Hiring Job Portal

One of the oldest and largest executive search company ABC Consultants Ltd has initiated HeadHonchos last year to build a new job portal that is targeted to senior / leadership / executive level candidates. Interestingly, they used “LinkedIn” in big way initially to promote HeadHonchos to lure candidates into their database. They work on the candidate-drive pricing model and provide premier level services to candidates from consulting perspective.

I am sure this is a start of new partnerships, relationships and diversification in until now a very traditional job portal market in India. Job portals are slowly, but surely acknowledging the entry of new-age social media and choose to work with them rather than competing.

LinkedIn is becoming one of the fastest growing recruitment solution providers in India. They now have a special “India pricing” to cater domestic needs. Recruitment organizations are definitely inclining towards their recruitment solutions which offer a unique combination of passive candidate search, job postings and employer branding. Job portal needs to continue driving towards diversification and being more “Socially-Connected” with their audience in order to sustain and grow. They need to realize that they can no longer just expect candidates to visit their portals, but rather they need to be proactively follow the candidates wherever they are :).

Facebook releasing a Job Portal App – What and Why?

November 19, 2012 2 comments

It all started way back in July for me, when I heard of a news about Facebook venturing into Job Portal business. As a recruiter, my first reaction was – WOW! I have always been struggling to use Facebook as a direct medium of talent search / job posting due to very nature of this platform and unstructured though huge data. I have been trying to effectively use third party apps like BranchOut, BeKnown but with no tangible results. This may be due to the regional constraint and I’m happy to hear from any other recruiters who have successfully hired from these apps. Put things short – I was anxious and excited to see if this would a right step in the door for Facebook.

On 14th November morning (IST) the news broke out about Facebook confirming the release of the job portal functionality. The news also mentioned that it will be an extension to their Social Jobs Partnership program with US Labor ministry and possibly be a job aggregator than an actual job portal. A very idea about reaching out to a billion people through a social platform with most number of active users was enough for me to still ride on “excitement” wave.

The next morning I could actually see the first glimpse of so called Facebook “Job Portal. It was like having a half baked breakfast with no taste, no appeal and got me worried about my diet :). Here’s what it looks like: –

Functionality / Structure

  • Facebook has released a “Social Jobs App” which is embedded into their “Social Jobs Partnership” Facebook page – with no immediate notification and access to users. People will have to find these apps deeply buried in the system to use it.
  • This is not a direct job portal but a job aggregator like It sources jobs from JobVite, Work4Labs, BranchOut, Monster and US.Jobs.
  • JobVite, Work4Labs and BranchOut are Facebook apps which uses Facebook as a platform to publish jobs, search jobs and refer jobs in individual capacities.
  • You can search via keywords, location proximity and category / sub-category.
  • Once you search with fields, it sources jobs from each of the portal and aggregates them as a list. You need to go to individual apps / portals to apply for those jobs.

I do not wish to be overly critical about this app here as this is a first step of Facebook into unknown territory for them. People label Facebook as strictly personal and LinkedIn as strictly professional. In fact, I started a “poll” earlier this year to understand people’s sentiments about Facebook starting a new job portal. With sample size of over 300 responses, 61% of people said they are not comfortable with using Facebook for jobs / careers. Though recruiters will be excited about this move; this is a big mindset change which Facebook will have to manage for their users. This may also explain their move to go as “Job Aggregator” than a job portal.

OK, saying this – I have a big apprehension about the beta version which they have opened up. Going job portal way officially surely should be a big decision for Facebook eco-system and I am thoroughly surprised they are very ill-prepared in this release.

Here are my questions which I hope to get answers in coming days with their subsequent releases to this app.

  • Why would Facebook release an “In-House App” without proper testing? The search functionality is not accurate and you end up getting results with rubbish job matches.
  • Why there is a difference searching from this app VS searching internally in the vendor apps? I searched java, spring in the monster tab with 30 odd results while searching the same on Monster gave me over 50 results.
  • Why would they restrict this functionality only for US jobs only? I understand about this being part of “Social Jobs Partnership” page but Facebook being “global” would not this be bit unfair to other countries?
  • Why have they tied this app to specific initiative like “Social Jobs Partnership” only? This could have been very well a global initiative with much wider users.
  • Why Facebook has not made an official announcement of this platform on Facebook itself?
  • There is simply no information available on public domain about who / what / how’s of this app. This announcement on the FB page has received over 111 comments and lots of them are asking relevant questions. Why Facebook is not answering OR clearing their stand over here? This is supposed to be Facebook’s official initiative.
  • Facebook also have not published this link anywhere in their promotions. Does that mean they wanted this to be released under closed boundaries only?

In my opinion, Facebook has to decide on their next steps as part of bigger strategy and take it to the next level. Their move has been heavily criticized in the market as it lacks a thoughtful approach, tried and tested preparations, long term insights and user experience. They need to position themselves as a platform where people are comfortable searching jobs and it should be secure enough to protect their activities from being public. I do not expect them to go LinkedIn way as it is a different platform altogether but they need to have a well-thought out plan to venture in this market.

It is a huge opportunity for Facebook which they can not afford to miss; however, their start has certainly not made things easy for them to chop out next steps. This App is just a “start” and Facebook needs to roll up their sleeves to compete in “All-Star” league. Make no mistake – the moment they make their bases loaded, it’s just a matter of time to hit a “Home Run”.

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People Matters conclave on Social Media in Talent Management 2012 – My takeaways

June 17, 2012 2 comments

For long time, I have been searching for an Indian community on Social Media recruitment. My following on Social recruitment mostly comes from western world and conferences where the concept is relatively more mature and wide-spread. I was very curious to understand how India HR community looks at Social Media, especially from talent acquisition glasses.

That’s when I came across People Matters conclave on Social Media Talent Management. I was more delighted to see focus on talent acquisition, as most of times HR conferences sadly do not cover this part of people process. I also saw many familiar speaker names such as Gautam Ghosh, Aadil Bandukwala and many others with whom I had interacted on twitter but never met. On 13th of June 2012 I travelled all the way from Pune to attend this conference inBangalore with an open mind and inquisitive set of ears. This is a summary of a conclave from my table.

Unfortunately I arrived a bit late at conference and missed out welcome address by Dr. Madhukar from Alliance University. EsterMartinez, (Founder –  People matters) successfully set up the context by specifying why Social Media matters in today’s talent world. She said that by 2018 there will be more Gen Y who will be more “Social” savvy. This means every company should have a “Social” component in their strategy.

Elango R (CHRO, Mphasis) was on the stage then to elaborate “Why” and “How” today’s HR should embrace social media for their talent strategies. He shared a case-study from Mphasis where HR simplified an idea about creating a social platform for programmers to share their “Re-Usable” codes on AppStore look-a-like application to save duplicate efforts and increase overall productivity. They now have 65% of re-usable codes in their directory. He also mentioned that we are 5-6 years away from opening Social Media tools like Facebook, Twitter to employees in office but HR should find other “Social” ways to drive effectiveness using this powerful medium at enterprise level. Sangeeta Lala (Co-Founder, TeamLease Services) presented how recruitment agency can help their candidates and clients through Employer Branding and Social Hiring.

Next was one of the most awaited sessions for me by Aadil Bandukwala (Talent Acquisition Advisor, Dell) on Social Recruiting. Aadil presented a great case-study on how DellIndia has used various social tools to attract and recruit candidates effectively. He presented a layer-like structure where Dell has a Career Site, Job search site, social media channels and recruitment CRM which is connected with one anfother. Today, recruiters are able to send jobs to social media channels with one click. He also showcased about how people can search jobs through Facebook apps and effective usage of twitter to broadcast open requirements. He demonstrated an interesting study where user-generated video got more hits than their marketing video. It emphasizes the fact about people on Social Media “likes” human generated content than automatic one. They also have a strong “listening” ability to their target recruiting audience with their Social Media Command Centre. Clearly, Dell has set an example in Social Recruiting space inIndia. It was an amazing overview of how Social Recruiting can be implemented if done in right way. Kudos to Dell!

One of the most well known figures in Indian Social Media space, Gautam Ghosh moderated a track on Employee Engagement & Recognition. Gautam presented a “Gamification” model to engage employees in Social driven HR environment. He introduced a concept of giving badges and expert tags to internal employees for recognition. C. Mahalingam (EVP & CPO, Symphony Services) pointed out that “fun” is not necessarily an engagement and companies really do not need Chief Fun Officers. Rohit Rawal (Co-Founder, QuadMo Solutions) mentioned how their solution SPOTLIGHT is helping companies to socialize Rewards and Recognition internally. Panel also pointed out that companies should not take rewards and recognition in same bucket. Most of times people are really looking for recognition than just monitory rewards.

The post-lunch slot was given appropriately to Abhijit Bhaduri (Chief Learning Officer, Wipro) who kept audience on their toes about the concept of employer brand and learning. He mentioned today employer brand is not owned by companies but by employees and potential hires. Brand is what your people and potential employees say about your company. In today’s world with talent war scenario, it is two way reference check with candidates doing their own due diligence to find out what people say about the company before joining. A great branding is one where Alumni say good thing about his / her ex-company. He mentioned that today’s learning is static and it is an event. People can not learn in fix time at fix locations. Their learning should be social, virtual and ongoing. With social media – hiring, brand building and learning is been driven by people which requires zero investment. This session was an eye-opener for everyone in the room to change their perspective of employer brand and learning.

The last session of the day was moderated by Dayanand Allapur (Head – HR, Tesco) with B. Venkataramana (CPO – Landmark Group), Pallab B (Director – HR, Citrix) and Raghavendra (VP & Head – HR, Infosys BPO). The panel shared some great views about how “Social” as a concept is becoming a strategic phenomenon to drive an effective employee engagement. Speakers shared various examples of using social channels as part of their HR strategy.

Networking Breaks gave me an opportunity to meet some interesting people in this space. In fact, I met one of ex-colleagues after seven years :). It was great to see HR fraternity is going beyond “Curiosity” to “Enthusiasm” for using social media in HR and recruitment. The event was well organized by People Matters with great line up of speakers. I would love to see more recruitment angle next time. Special mentions of sponsors –Alliance University, Shine.Com, quadMo and rupeepower for their support.

As many of the speakers said, we may not using Social Media effectively on the ground just as yet as it will take us few years to reach that maturity levels. However, it is more important to create the “Social Environment” among employees and employers for creating the mindset before we implement radical social efforts in our HR / recruiting areas. I strongly believe next year same time, we will see many successful social usage case studies from India HR Inc. For people oriented functions like HR / Recruitment “Social” is not a choice but a question of “When” and “How”.

What Social Recruiting is and What it is not

May 11, 2012 6 comments

Each day I speak with recruiters about Social Media who shares their enthusiasm about using this channel for sourcing. The next question is – how soon they should expect to get profiles and where all they can post the jobs. Social Media is being viewed as a next best thing in recruitment as well as a “magic wand” which will produce profiles from thin air!

There is a definite wave about “Social Recruiting” in the air which needs a proper understanding, strategy and implication rather than blanket usage. It’s imperative that we understand the real power of Social Recruiting with a broader spectrum than just a short sighted approach.

I have compiled a list of what I think the real Social Recruiting is and what it isn’t.

I get so many queries like can you post this in Facebook and LinkedIn. Well, are you treating them as job portals for posting? Do you even know where and how to post? Is this a “readymade” tool for job searching? Any new concept brings along a need for learning and exploring. Social Media is more than a tool and not even a strategy in itself.

In short, recruiters should not to see Social Media merely as a tool. They need to see this as an opportunity to reach out to bigger target audience, engage them in meaningful dialogue and create a talent pool to gain a distinct competitive advantage over competition. Social gives enormous opportunities to create proactive and long term candidate pipeline along with building a great employer brand. This is so much more than just posting in groups, pages and twitting like “Job Robots”.

So next time, do think “long term” and “strategic” while using Social Media. One thing more – it’s there to stay, so use it before your competitor does 🙂

I would love to get your opinion on the above list. Any additions / changes you suggest? Let’s open up a discussion…

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