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Launching India Corporate Talent Acquisition Survey 2013

December 27, 2013 Leave a comment

In many ways 2013 was a very significant year for Talent Acquisition community in India. The TA community has definitely breezing through “winds of change” with arrival of big data / analytics, social becoming more than a fad and realizing impact of technologies like cloud and mobile on human resources. Probably this is more relevant to the in-house corporate talent acquisition teams who has a tough ask of delivering “more with less” in today’s cost-sensitive eco-system. This is my attempt to keep fingers on the pulse of what “Talent Acquisition” function is talking, listening and feeling. I am happy to launch Talent Acquisition Survey 2013 especially designed for strategic corporate TA function :).

It is my continued effort to last year’s India Sourcing / Recruiting Survey which gave us a great overview of India’s sourcing and recruiting landscape. I wanted to go deeper into corporate side of talent acquisition and understand how the entire community is strategically looking at this transformation phase and components associated with it. The transformation we are witnessing is beyond just technologies, the hidden iceberg is more about the importance of “talent-agenda” in today’s corporate and business systems.

I would invite every HR / talent acquisition professional within in-house / corporate functions to participate and share this survey. I will be happy to share a detailed report of this survey in February 2014.

Click below to Launch Survey

Look forward to hear your interesting views! Wishing you all the very best for 2014.

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Corporate Recruitment Strategy – looking inwards

December 30, 2009 1 comment

I recently asked one of recruitment managers about how do you form your recruitment strategy and he discussed various aspects about talent acquisition/management, sourcing, advertisements, referrals and so on. However, at the end of the discussion – I thought he looked outside so much that he completely forgotten about looking inwards. What do I mean?

For corporate recruitment departments, recruitment not only mean finding/interviewing/placing the candidates but it starts right from job spec design, hiring manager interview, search criteria, interview process design etc. These internal process aspects are same importance as of the external hiring aspects. Rather I would say that internal processes are stepping stone for the further points. How well really one manage these aspects. I would like to share a short story to elaborate on where I am coming from.

X (not the one I work in – to clarify! :)) company needed to hire about 40 odd positions in their new location. The positions were entry level BPO positions along with few TL/supervisor. They were opening new office in new location where they did not have much physical presence nor local market understanding. One fine day, their HR leader told them that they need to line up 30 odd interviews for above positions in 2 days as a hiring manager would go to that location to take the interviews and finish the process. Internal recruitment department – getting in pressure jumped on to Monster to search these candidates. However, within these two days though they called 150+ candidates they could just arrange few interviews and within that only handful showed up. In midst of these – Hiring Manager mentioned one key criteria which was unknown to recruitment team and most of candidates were rejected. Also, being local entry level positions – they struggled to converse as recruitment team was carrying out this activity from other location.

All in all it proved to be a failure for everyone and result was none. If you observe, the external part of sourcing, recruitment was not that bad but I think the major failure was the “inwards” part. I wonder being internal recruitment department, was they taken for granted by hiring manager? Was the target given was really achievable? Was there any planning/strategy behind this campaign? Why wasn’t everything clear right upfront? In all – was this the best approach OR forced approach?

This made me think whether there needs to be a fine balance between being pressurized and being forceful. The recruitment department – being subject matter expert should educate their hiring managers about best practices which are tried and tested internally. It’s one thing that hiring manager wanted 40+ people within 2 days but it’s executing it in haste is other thing. Recruitment department is a strategic component which should have inbuild plans, strategies, tools, timelines which can be flexible but well defined. Recruitment leaders should take a stand against inproper expectations and demands from hiring managers – even if those hiring managers are influencial/high level. All the recruitment activities/campaigns need to run with in partnership of hiring managers and not with their authority. The recruitment dept would know what is the best course of action for any requirement(s). The proper JD design, requirement capturing, creating search strategies, project planning, interview scheduling, documentation are not the luxuries but necessities. These should be worked well in conjunction with hiring manager setting right expectations and not the ones they “want”.

At the end – wrong hiring decisions cost company a great deal. It’s time when companies should take their recruitment departments not as a tactical one but as a strategic profit-center.

P.S. – This was a featured blog in earlier this year.

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