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MagicSourcer – Google Custom Search Engine – Passive Searching Made Easy

I always believe that Job Board searching is a fishing in pond while Passive Searching is fishing in Ocean. While people find fishing in pond relatively easier and time-saver than fishing in Sea; they are missing out on real “Treasure” which is hidden beneath sea.

I have been training several work-shops internally and one feedback I always get to hear is Passive Searching is too time-consuming and driven by specific syntax and boolean operators which seems too sci-fi for few. Though it’s not exactly rocket science – one has to learn swimming in Sea which is always challenging.

Google introduced a concept of Custom Search Engines few months back which did appear to be complicated at first look; however real easy and simple inside.

What’s the difference?

Google Searches entire Web VS Google CSE (Custom Search Engine) only searches specified websites.

How does this help?

When you want your results to appear only from specific websites; this works best. E.G. If you are searching for bridegrooms – matrimonial websites are best.

Basically Google Custom Search Engine lets you define a list of websites you would like Google to display results from. Even further – you can limit your searches from specific section of any website.

E.g. This way Google only searches results in specific URLs.

This makes a great hunting ground to create a centralize pool of resources from recruitment point of view. Imagine, I list all the websites from where I can hunt candidates like social networking, profile pages etc and give a facility to only search through them. I can produce better results in less time avoiding search strings and irrelevant websites.

However, this is not THE way to find candidates. You can’t control from where your candidates can come from – they are a FREE bird! Hence, this is just another tool to find quick and relevant results. If you wish to take a deep dive – go classical Google way.

For now, I have tried to develop a similar SE for Indian candidates. This is still in infancy stage as it seems that Google Custom Search does not deliver 100% results as oppose to Google X-Ray search. However, it does provide a start-up ground to search profiles from various Indian networking sites.

So – go ahead. Spoil yourself with easy passive searching; but don’t get used to it.

Magic Sourcer

Sarang Brahme

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