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Breaking news – Introducing Google+ Pages and Twitter Activity

November 8, 2011 1 comment

The recent entry of Google+ has stirred the entire Social Media space in a big way. Facebook has just changed its interface and introduced various concepts like Groups to counter-attack Google+. I think it is just a start. This is a hot boiling place to watch…

We have the two big (if you consider it BIG enough) news coming from Google+ and Twitter this morning. These updates / changes suggest that both of them taking on Facebook aggressively. Let’s look at them from sourcing / recruitment angles too.

Introducing Google+ Pages

This is Google’s answer to Facebook Fan pages. In recent times, fan pages have become a great tool for recruitment / corporate companies to enhance their employment brand as well as to reach out to wider social media audience.  Google+ is now riding the wave by announcing Google+ pages. The page structure is very similar to Facebook Fan page where you can post your openings, comment, engage etc. Instead of “Liking”, you can add this page to your “Circles”. Other utilities include “About” section, Photos and Videos.

One of the interesting functions is Google+ Direct Connect. You can connect your websites to Google+ page. If you are able to convince Google+ algorithm about authenticity and quality of content, they would award you a +operator. This makes your page searchable on Google with + operator. There are few live examples like +Pepsi.


Although at this point of time though the structure looks pretty simple and much like Facebook, I am sure that Google has bigger plans in overall social media strategy. This platform gives Google+ a huge advantage for attracting company / individual brands to connect and engage audience. For recruiters, it is just another online place to showcase brand and jobs for now. However, keep watching this space.

Twitter adds News Feed (Activity Tab)

One of the reasons Facebook has been successful to attract and engage large audience is due to their “News Feed”. This feature lets user know more about what their friends are doing with 2nd level friends. Thus resulting into knowing new people, what they do and enhanced engagement overall. Even though this feature has come under some criticism due to security concerns, it is like a “Newspaper” putting up hot stories from their friends which you can not resist to read.

Twitter has been very conservative till today by adopting a very simple and straight forward philosophy of showing only twits from your connections. Starting today, Twitter has powered “@username” tab displaying various activities for your own account. This includes people who re-tweeted your twits, newly followed people along with your mentions.


The more important change for me however is their introduction of “Activity” tab. This tab tells you about what your twitter connections are up to J. You can now view new accounts they are following, any favorite twits they have added, new addition to lists etc.


Utility for Recruiters?

  • You can now keep a tab on new accounts your candidates are following. A great way to know their friends / colleagues / connections in a same industry / company.
  • Uncovering new lists they are been added to.
  • Any other advantage you can think of :).


Social Media is slowly but surely is establishing as a big buck business. LinkedIn and Facebook has already proved their market worth. The good part – this competition will provide a gate-way to some great innovations and experimentation in social media space. Businesses are learning from one another and providing better value proposition for customers. Enjoy them until they are free…. 🙂



You have just been “Bought” online!!!!

December 29, 2009 1 comment

Well guys (gals too) – how does that sound? Weird? Unreasonable, so on…. Search Engines like Google and Yahoo has just figured out that it is possible too. And why  not? It is web 2.0 and everything is so easy.

I recently put my name on “sarang brahme” and was surprised to see my name in their sponsored listing section. For people who do not know what is sponsored listing in Google (popularly called ADWORDS in SEO language) – these are the paid listings which have been purchased by the advertising site against specific keywords. These keywords then go through bidding process to decide the rank they apprear.

Just to simplify – my company sell baloons. Hence, I bought the “baloon” keyword for x amount. Their is my competitor who has done the same. Now, when someone puts baloon in search – my special listing will appear in right hand side of search results page. It has special place, listings and visibility; hence more chances of getting clicks and me selling more baloons. Depending on who paid more for that keyword – rankings will decide. If I paid more than my competitor, my listing will be the first one and then my competitor. I end up paying that amount for every click that user makes to Google. This makes sure that my product gets more visibility and exclusivity while Google adds up few dollars in his kitty.

Normally, very generic or product related keywords are on the bidding list as they get more hits. BTW – there is keyword suggestion tools available online like

This shows the list of most searched keywords and variations which helps advertiser to bid. Now, why the heck I am telling all these things in Sourcing blog? How does sourcing and SEO goes hand in hand? Here you go….

Imagine you are searching for a guy called Sarang Brahme on internet. Facebook / Myspace has purchased his name and put in the sponsored listings. One of the primary reasons these social networking websites has listed the name against their website is either you are a celebrity OR you have a good internet presence and you are well-searched guy. This means, this name drives more traffic to Facebook – which gets more unique visitors which inturn might give them additional subscriptions. For that person – it means without any efforts or spending any money, he is getting more visibility. For users (in this case sourcers/recruiters) – easy way of finding that person. Hence, it’s WIN-WIN situation!!!!

Social Networking meets Search Engine meets Sourcing!!!!

I am not claiming that this is a path-breaking change or something like that. But how do you feel if someone has put a price-tag on your name on internet to advertise your own profile? It made me thinking for sure though. As a sourcer – I felt great to have ease in sourcing; some may argue about the privacy/confidentiality or even copyright issue. I don’t know – what you guys feel??

One thing for sure – Social Networking and Search Engines are changing a way we see sourcing…. Evolution take off about to happen…..

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