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How to find Indian candidates on Social Networking

April 19, 2011 8 comments

Sourcing within India as Geo has always been challenging for various reasons. India has got its own flavor of social networking and the way people hang around on various online spaces. You may not find these people using the same methods, tools and techniques you use to find candidates in US / Europe.

I have been exploring various methods to find best way for sourcing in India. I will start a new series of articles specially for Indian Geo to explore my own country from eagle eye of sourcing. This is my first article introducing various channels / social networking specially for India. I hope you would enjoy…

Social Networking / X-Ray for Indian Candidates

In my opinion, following are few major social networking websites specially for Indian candidates. Some of these are global but we can work around to find Indian candidates as per our requirement.

I have also provided x-ray search strings to find these guys without having to register in them. However, I strongly recommend for registration in case you would like to explore them in detail.

Relationships Matter | LinkedIn 

  • Do you know that India has number 3 populations on LinkedIn?
  • Free account let you see only first 10 pages. X-Ray search give you full access. How?

How to search? java AND spring AND bangalore -dir -events

TooStep | Discover and share your professional expertise 

One of the most popular Indian Professional network – just like LinkedIn. Are you a member?

How to search? java AND spring AND bangalore inurl:profile

SiliconIndia: India’s Largest Professional Network 

Professional networking site for India.

How to search? java AND spring AND Bangalore – Professional Networking – Search People – Exchange … 

One more professional network – by

How to search? java AND spring AND bangalore -inurl:group


Matrimonial Sites J


You think I’m joking? Check this out.

How to search? java -careers

Jigsaw Business Contact Directory of Business Contacts and Company … 

We did cover Jigsaw in earlier editions. It’s a contact database which works on barter system.

How to search? “java developer” hcl

Plaxo – your address book for life. is your online address book to store your contacts which are visible to your network if you are connected.

How to search? “software engineer” india


Searching people on twitter – we covered a full blown article in last edition. Here’s the search string to find Indian people. This only works on BING.

How to search? intitle:”on twitter” location NEAR:2 india wipro

ApnaCircle is one more professional networking site.

How to search? java

I am sure that recruiters / sourcers within India would add more to this list. I strongly believe that you should do a good research of your target Geo before you start looking out for candidates. India is an emerging country when it comes to social networking. You may not find people online as easily as in US / Europe. It’s all about PULL factor and not PUSH… I guess that’s a different topic for blog eh?

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